District Legal Services Authorities

#AtHomeAtRisk_LCN #DistrictLegalServicesAuthorities Let’s explore what the district legal authorities have done during the #Lockdown of #Covid19. Presenting to you facts on the FIFTH brief in the series of findings of the rapid survey conducted by 8 member organizations of Lam-Lynti Chittara Neralu (LCN) – national network on shelter homes!

World Conservation Day, 28TH JULY,2020.

#Childrenforthefuture #needofthehour #Thefuturebelongstothem With the aim to raise consciousness about and promote conservation of earth’s natural resources, encourage the sustainable use of earth’s limited natural resources, every year World Nature Conservation Day is observed on the 28th of July. The rampant destruction and exploitation of nature in India has brought upon unforgiving consequences for all.…