NEN’s  Vision

NEN’s vision is to build a society in the north east region that upholds gender justice, equity and respect for human rights.

NEN’s  Mission

NEN’s mission is to take forward women’s human rights through collective action by:

  • Creating a culture of peace, both inside and outside the homes, through women’s active and informed involvement
  • Strengthening women’s collectives, collective action and their leadership
  • Increasing women’s representation in political, public and community processes
  • Addressing discrimination and violence against women in both public and domestic spheres, and ensuring safer spaces
  • Protecting the environment and biodiversity through innovative initiatives, by engaging youth and women.

Through its vision and mission, NEN has ensured that the Organisation is inclusive for those working in NEN as well as for the communities it works with.  The Human Institutional Development Manual follows the principles of gender equity. Accordingly, NEN’s policies consciously provide resources to enable all employees to advance through merit in the Organisation and provide opportunities for their professional and personal development.


The strategic purpose of NEN is in creating a gender-just society against the backdrop of inadequacies where access to rights, entitlements, and opportunities are not visible among communities in India’s northeast region. Thus, NEN has aimed at a women’s rights agenda to deal with Gender-based Discrimination and Violence Against Women, Governance and State Accountability and Natural Resource Management and Livelihood.

NEN undertakes the following four process to facilitate the above: i. Action-oriented Research & Documentation ii. Knowledge Building iii. Community Activism iv. Policy Advocacy


NEN’s overall objectives are towards improving the pace and quality of developmental inputs among persons disadvantageously placed in society for enhancing their social and economic status. The organization shall, without any profit motive and without any distinction of caste, creed, colour, disabilities, sexual orientation, community or religion, inter alia, act on the following:

  •  NEN aspires a gender-just society in the northeast region of India with advancing collective action and gender equality.
  •  Promote efforts at preserving ecosystems and bio-diversity of northeast India.
  •  Promote constructive and creative pursuits among the youth of the Northeast through the use of performing arts, media communications, arts and literature.
  •  Facilitate the process of economic transformation of grassroots women through the promotion of sustained micro-enterprises such as handloom, handicrafts and organic agro-food products etc.