North East Network works to empower rural women by focusing on building their economic self-reliance and associated rights. NEN has established Gramin Mahila Kendras (GMK) in 5 districts of Assam. These Kendras are led by women leaders who respond to gender based violence against women and other social insecurities faced by them. They provide psycho-social care & counselling to aggrieved women. They also link domestic violence survivors with livelihood initiatives, weaving being one of them. NEN organises trainings on product and design development to augment the skills of the weavers. They are provided yarn and other raw materials according to a production plan. Monitoring visits are made by the community mobilisers to ensure quality products. Products are collected and adequate wages are paid to the weavers. NEN works with 150 weavers from 4 districts.

The weaving initiative began in 2017 with a group of 30 odd women weavers from the Mising tribe in Sonitpur District and later included women from other communities in Assam in Kamrup (Rural), Darrang, and Udalguri districts. The initiative is focused on promoting local resources and developing existing skills of indigenous women. We are working to revive the back-strap loom weaving practices of women from the Mising tribe as well as the throw shuttle traditional handloom weaving culture of women from different communities in Assam.

The weaving programme offers them an alternate sustainable option. This programme empowers weavers on issues of legal, social, cultural and economic rights and promotes leadership amongst them. The weavers are now economically stronger, along with gaining confidence to speak up for their rights and creating an equal society for all.


Voices from the field

Moina Das, aged 28 years, Bijulibari village, Darrang district, Assam.The income of Moina’s six-member family is dependent on her daily wages and weaving.The family is dependent on her for sustenance. She said that she started weaving at a very young age and never had any knowledge about the income that could be generated through weaving. She was earning a meager amount of about 500-600 rupees a month prior to joining NEN. Today, she earns a minimum of 3000 rupees a month. She stated that she utilizes her income by procuring essentials for her family. Today, she feels quite empowered than before. She is braver and her family members have also started listening to her critical decisions.

Saneki Weaves

The products of the weaving programme include traditional attires, household accessories and many more and are sold under the brand name called Saneki Weaves.

Saneki Weaves has travelled and joined different kinds of fairs and exhibitions at local and national levels such as Aadi Mahotsav by Tribal Cooperative Marketing Development Federation of India Limited (TRIFED), Clearance sale by North Eastern Development Finance Corporation Ltd (NEDFi), Rupahee by a local women entrepreneurs group, Makers Hub by Handicrafts community of Assam etc. Saneki Weaves is gaining popularity and this also makes our weavers happy as their unique skills and contributions are appreciated by people.

Saneki Weaves was conferred with the ‘Anuprerona Excellency Award’ on 8th March, 2022.

      Booklet on motifs and patterns of Assam by Saneki Weaves-

This booklet is a collection of motifs and patterns from different villages NEN works in. Each community has a unique style of weaving and also curates magnificent designs.The Bodos, Mising, Karbis and different communities of Assam weave their creativity in looms and this booklet aspires to preserve them.

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