‘Saneki Weaves’, is a project of Nenterprise, an entity of NEN to engage with our commercial but not-for-profit activities.

The journey of Saneki Weaves began in 2017 as part of establishing a social livelihood programme for the women weavers of Assam. It emerged from the persistent vision of empowering rural women in Assam focusing on building their economic self-reliance and the rights associated with them.

It began with a group of 30 odd women weavers from the Mising tribe in Sonitpur District and later included women from other communities in Assam in the Districts of Kamrup(Rural), Darrang, Udalguri and Karbi Anglong. At present, 230 weavers from across Assam are members of Saneki weaves, who weave either part-time or full time. Saneki Weaves is focused on promoting local resources and developing existing skills of indigenous women. We are working to revive the back-strap loom weaving practices of women from the Mising tribe as well as the throw shuttle loom weaving culture of women from other communities in Assam. Saneki Weaves has been receiving recognition for the fine quality fabric and designs by the weavers. The weavers themselves are now economically and emotionally stronger, along with gaining confidence to speak up for their rights and creating an equal society for all.


Nenterprise was conferred with the “Prerona Excellency Award 2022” on 8th March 2022.

      Booklet on motifs and patterns of Assam by Saneki Weaves-

This booklet is a collection of motifs and patterns from different villages NEN works in. Each community has a unique style of weaving and also curates magnificent designs.The Bodos, Mising, Karbis and different communities of Assam weave their creativity in looms and this booklet aspires to preserve them.

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