Orientation Programme on Violence Against Women & PWDV Act

25th and 27th August 2011

The Protection of Women from Domestic Violence Act 2005, (in short the Domestic Violence/DV Act) is a milestone in the history of women’s rights in India. The Act has been implemented in all 27 districts of Assam. However, effective implementation of the Act in Assam is yet to come about for various reasons resulting in denial of justice to complainants under this Act. One of the reasons is lack of understanding of the Act from a social and woman’s rights perspective by stakeholders and mechanisms such as Service Providers which have been put into place to effectively implement the Act.

In light of the above that North East Network (NEN) organised an orientation programme on this Act in collaboration with Social Welfare Department, Government of Assam between August 25-27, 2011 in Spring Valley Resort, Tepesia, in the outskirts of Guwahati.  The Orientation of the Programme was to understand the spirit and nuances of the Act and also issues of Violence against women (VAW), so as to consolidate strategies to implement it and also act as a platform to clarify and share concerns.

It is to be noted that, for the first time these participants who were mostly the service providers, registered under the PWDV Act, received training on the provisions of the Act. The programme also helped the service providers to gain clarity on few issues when two CDPOs (Child Development Protection Officer) from Social Welfare department who attended the programme, as guests, answered to their queries related to funding and other concerns related to the role of the nodal agency.   

Sukanya Gupta & Gargee Guha of Swayam, Kolkata and Anurita P Hazarika of NEN were the resource persons of the programme. A total of 23 participants (15 women & 8 men) from 12 districts of Assam participated in the 1st phase of this programme.

Indeed, this capacity building programme was well appreciated by the participants as they not only gathered understanding on the Act and their role as service providers but also acquired knowledge to analyse VAW from women’s rights perspective.

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